Beloved Blankets For Freezing Cold Times

Blankets. They're more than just covering us while we sleep at night. Most of the time they help us get comfort especially when the weather's uncontrollably cold. As for us, we also thought of giving our customers 'comfort' -- through our very own Beloved Blankets.

Cold season is just around the corner and of course, no one can survive a breath of frozen air on your skin without hugging yourself with your favorite blanket. Let's all admit, whenever we're alone in the corner of our own room, we would imagine anyone we love snuggling with us, or even snuggling with your cat or dog...

But have you ever thought of wrapping yourself in a blanket smothered with your boyfriend's face, or even a blanket that looks like a giant soft tortilla?

Here at Beloved, it's possible. We let you make your imagination run wild just by putting your favorite person or pet or food -- you've read it right, food -- on our custom-made regular or hooded Beloved Blankets. So imagining it is already out of the question -- you can wish to make it into a reality, and we will take care of the rest.

But, just like always, if you have a hard time finding the right blanket that speaks to you in our catalog, we have prepared eight pre-selected, best-selling designs listed here. We just want to help you find your destined blankie that will save you just in time for this hecking cold season:

price cut at $44.99

Turn on your favorite slow electropop music while snuggling in this pop art-inspired blanket. Better while watching the sunset with your babe. Hooded version is also available for those who preferred to listen to music alone.

price cut at $64.99

Not tired of having this meaty, tasty breakfast fave all day? Why not immortalize your craving into your blanket that can make you feel like you're swimming in meat and oil? An unhooded version is also available if this isn't enough for you.

price cut at $49.99

Be it a dog, a cat, or a fish, any pet is a potential Thor in this custom blanket with a ready-made crazy background. Also available in hooded blanket version, feel free to channel your inner lightning god, a dream role that your pet has already stolen from you, obviously.

price cut at $64.99

Ever dreamed of becoming a meat that can be wrapped or paired with this really versatile vegetable? Having this will give you that chance of a lifetime. Also available in regular version.

price cut at $49.99

If you can't fulfill your dream of going into space, at least this blanket will make it come true -- by adding your face in it. Or maybe your favorite person's or pet's face.

We're hoping to add more from what you're seeing on our page, but we can't fuel it out without your help ;) Tell us what you want to have in your blankets for better sleep and snuggles, and we'll be glad to put them up.

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