Dye-Sublimation: The (Not So) Secret To Really Beloved Clothes And Accessories

For those who are new to our little shop and those who remained curious: have you ever wondered how we make your favorite pizza onesie or ramen blanket? How we retain the vibrancy of the graphics so close to the real thing either you wanna eat it or fool your BFF? I know we posted this a long, long time ago, but just to give you a refresher or in case most of you didn't know yet, what we have been doing to make this possible is what we call sublimation...

I know how much you hate science with the word, itself, but this process has been our magic weapon for years, that's why you're getting nothing but the best and high quality clothes and accessories.

As science explains, sublimation is a transitional phase in which a substance turns directly to gas from its original solid state without passing through the liquid phase. It's like dry ice disintegrating slowly to just smoke during stage prods. This can happen only when there is pressure high enough to turn solid into gas, because solid substances can still pass through a semi-liquid state when it puts on a normal temperature.

Now, how did this (yeah you might think because it's a bit complicated because it is) process came to be when it comes to our products? This is where dye-sublimation (or dye-sub, I like this term better because it's cute) will come through. Imagine your favorite artwork being pasted to your favorite T-Shirt or swimsuit, being transferred to our special transfer papers (which will later act as our middle man during the process) using special dyes, passing through our special printer and inks, Once the artwork has been successfully transferred to these special sheets, we will then cut it out and transfer it this time to a heat press where everything is timed and watched carefully, with the right temperature and pressure, just making sure that the finished product will end up vivid, soft-looking, as if we magically transformed them into a fabric, itself, to make the clothes and accessories you love today. And the good part? Compared to screen printing, dye-sub makes the prints look almost permanent; it doesn't crack nor fade on normal conditions. The prints will stay happy with your shirts and blankets.

The process is definitely complicated and meticulously thought of, that's why there are times that there will be delays in our products when shipped, but rest assured you will get what you want and paid for in your clothes. As our Beloved fans, we make this assurance: nothing but the best in what you love.

BTW, wanna take a short peek on how we make these beautiful clothes and accessories? Check out this vid: