You Can Never Go Wrong With Pizza (Apparel)

How do we love PIZZA? Let us count the ways, the Beloved way.

When Katy Perry first tried and flaunt our Pizza Belovedsie, we knew from there that America will love wearing the same thing for herself, showing the ultimate love with that comforting meaty and cheesy goodness. So we thought of expanding our love for pizza through all our products, in different ways.

Just as we thought of an idea when we first created a crunchy Pickles Zupup Hoodie, we then thought of making everyone hungry through trying different foods you love and made them wearable. Pizza, of course, is no exception. The design, itself, is so vivid you'll even think of eating them (but seriously, don't), and we even dedicated a collection for everyone to feast on and to have them for their own.

Beloved's Pizza Collection remains one of the crowd favorites, a versatile theme you could never go wrong with whenever you wear it every day, whatever the occasion, all for the love of that oozing meat, cheese and tomato sauce. Some would like to have their face in their favorite pizza-smothered shirt, or celebrate Christmas loud and proud. With pizza as the heart of every party, both literally and figuratively, it's a genuine display of how much we love what we want to wear, and the freedom to wear anything we want at any given day.

Want to own this meaty and cheesy goodness? Check out what our collection has to offer. Or if you happen to have our old pizza designs that you want to wear again, check out our Museum Request and we'll be more than happy to bring our old flavors back in the oven!

Whether you're hungry or just want to go into the zen and become one, our Pizza-Themed collection will never let you down. DISCLAIMER: Ours are not edible.