On Open Orders, Learning Curves and Opportunities

It has been our goal to give you, our beloved customers, the clothes you dreamed of wearing, without sacrificing the quality. Since the success of our first product, we have thought of several ways on how we can bring these lovely products to you, and eventually, will reach even Hollywood. All thanks to your utmost support and continuous patronage, Beloved still kicks ass in giving the word 'outrageous' its true meaning.

But we have to admit, with a lot of emails coming to us on a daily basis for orders, suggestions, even returns, no matter how fast we want to work on your requests and with the number of our staff working with us, there are times that we couldn't fulfill our promise to deliver your requests and orders on time. We've been overwhelmed by a number of emails we receive that sometimes we couldn't point out where to start first and how to finish them. And even though business has been blooming more in the recent years, there is still a lot more room to improve on our end.

So we tried our best to collate your questions, requests and suggestions to come up with our Help Page/FAQ where, hopefully, we were able to answer them. (Almost) All of your questions are already there, hopefully that will shed some light regarding your orders and request.

We also included our order tracker if you want to find out where your orders are going, our Returns and Refunds policy page if you have questions regarding your plan to return a product, and our Production and Shipping page to give you an idea on how and when you will expect your products to be shipped...

But including these pages in our site and answering your questions as promptly and systematically as possible is still far from giving you the satisfaction you deserve, in terms of the products, themselves, and our customer service. There is still a lot for us to learn, and it may take us time to perfect our business, but eventually, you'll be able to grow your love with our products and services more than the first time you bought a shirt from us. For now, we will continue to strive to give you nothing but the best. After all, you are our Beloved Customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous patronage and for the recommendations that will help us grow further and wiser at the same time. Like we've mentioned, we are still learning, and we will continue to do so with the help of this business and our partnership with the best people around.