Old Designs You Missed And Came Back

Black Friday may be literally over, but the good stuff keeps on coming until the end of the month, most especially here at our Beloved Store. And what would make it better than bringing back our old designs from the dead?

Recently, due to popular demand on some of our old but gold items, we thought of bringing back those old designs we came up even during our first years in the business. Some of them were so in-demand, they were easily sold out. Of course, as a business, we need to keep up with what's new and what's hot, so no wonder these designs have graduated. But that doesn't mean they were not loved back then.

We here at Beloved understood what it feels like to miss something from the memory lane, so make sure you'll still have the clothes you wanted, we created a Museum Request dedicated to the old designs you've seen years ago and wanted to see or even own it again. How does it work, though?

Just like how you wanted to customize what you want to wear, you'll start up with a canvas of any item you choose, then send us a picture of that old design you came across with somewhere but unfortunately you couldn't find it in our store. Upload that file (just make sure the file size is up to 20MB) along with your ordered 'canvas' and once it gets in our hands, we'll make sure to 'Bring it back from the dead' -- because it happened that we still keep our old designs way back, so all you'll get is nothing but authentic, fresh-from-the-time-capsule outfit. Simple, right?

Aside from opening our mystical Museum Requests, you've noticed that there are some old but gold items that were brought back to the front store for a limited time only, such as this lovely Pikachu Hoodie ready to be taken home by a lucky Pokemon Master. As the Black Friday hype still continues, these legendary items will be up on sale until they're gone for good -- so this is your last chance to grab these lovelies while they still last.

To put it simply: you asked, we listened, because we know how you feel when it comes to nostalgia. Although the items you saw currently on sale won't last long, requesting for a dead design back to life could save you from missing them too much. So if you have those photos of those old designs, send it to us and we'll be more than happy to bring them back. What as way to say THANK YOU to our Beloved customers then and now, and we will continue to make you feel happy and loved with us around.